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Michael Clarke finally breaks it off with Lara Bingle2015-Mar-25

Michael Clarke finally breaks it off with Lara Bingle


After four days apart, Australian cricket vice captain Michael http://www.blackhawksteamproshop.com/Patrick_Kane_Jersey Clarke and 22 year old model Lara Bingle finally made the heartbreaking decision late last night to end their turbulent two year engagement.


Lara Bingle in pictures


It was a decision the cricketer didn't want to make but, faced with the reality of an air ticket back to New Zealand, Clarke finally caved in to mounting pressure and made a statement announcing the relationship was over.


In an effort to show a unified front, Clarke's agent called Bingle's manager Max Markson last night and suggested they make a combined statement. It is understood Markson and Bingle insisted it http://www.blackhawksteamproshop.com/Marian_Hossa_Jersey be kept to two blunt lines.


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"Michael Clarke and Lara Bingle have decided to end their engagement," it said. "They ask the media to respect their privacy during this Jonathan Toews Youth Jersey difficult time. No further comment will be made."


VIDEO: Watch Lara lose it with the paparazzi


Clarke, who had abandoned Australia's tour of New Zealand, is now expected to rejoin his teammates on Monday ahead of the Test series against the Kiwis starting Friday.


The cricketer is understood to be broken hearted at the cold and drawn out end to the three year relationship, which was initially forged while both their fathers battled cancer.


Clarke had been holding out on ending the relationship until the 11th hour, hoping that Bingle would agree to another round of face to face talks.


They last saw each other on Tuesday and have barely been in contact since. Her representatives are understood to have resisted Clarke's attempts to achieve closure with some dignity.


Earlier yesterday, Bingle laughed and joked as she enjoyed a manicure between a bit of retail therapy at Erina Fair on the Central Coast with girlfriend Hermione Underwood.


Dressed in designer ripped jeans, a black singlet and carrying a flannelette shirt, the swimsuit model appeared to shrug off her romance troubles as she and Underwood hit Erina Fair.


Clarke flew home last week after Bingle sold a tell all interview to a women's magazine which had published nude photographs of her taken in the shower by Duncan Keith Premier Jersey former lover and Brisbane Lions forward Brendan Fevola in 2006.


Former Hawthorn great Dermott Brereton added fuel to the fire by claiming he told Bingle that Fevola was married before she had a fling with him.


Cricket Australia spokesman Peter Young said team officials would speak to Clarke in the coming days to discuss his return to the Test side.


"It's obviously very sad what's happened," Mr Young said. "We do know that Michael has, in the discussions we've had with him this week, had the view of returning to the Test side. We will speak to him . . . about whether that can happen."

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Steven Gerrard and Wayne Rooney 2015-Mar-25

Steven Gerrard and Wayne Rooney ensure qualification for 2014 World Cup


At times it has felt like England have courted calamity in World Cup qualification, delaying their stand out performances to the very end, but they are going to Brazil next summer. The glasses can clink and the champagne corks pop at the 150th anniversary party for the Football Association later this month without a lingering sense of foreboding about a November play off.


"F me," Roy Hodgson said at one point when the ITV cameras panned in on him after one particularly dangerous Poland attack. Those two words might well have been the epitaph for the whole night's action. First, a whirlwind from Poland. Then a response from England in the second part of the first half that was the best they have mustered in the Hodgson era.


That last 20 minutes of the second half, against a determined, well organised Poland team Hodgson's team sent waves of attack crashing against the away side's defence until eventually Wayne Rooney gave them the lead with a glancing header. He did so with his forehead unadorned by that headband accessory that is protecting his scar, having briefly discarded it. This was business time for England, and they rose to the occasion.


English football has felt pretty bad about itself at times over the last year, and for all the backslapping, the problems that Greg Dyke's FA commission must address still exist. But given the alternative to qualifying for Brazil was another exercise in starting from scratch and a lot more self loathing, then this was infinitely more preferable.


It was not pretty, not in the second half, in fact it was pure bloody agony for the home support with Ukraine, naturally, winning in San Marino and only three points good enough to win Group H. England were up against a Poland team who played as if they had a World Cup place up for grabs or, say, a major incentive from an interested party. Probably it was just sheer pride, but for a team ranked 65th in the world, their performance was remarkable.


When Steven Gerrard finally scored the second with two minutes to play, Roy Hodgson's usually becalmed assistant Ray Lewington charged up and down the touchline alone, lost in his own little world of happiness. On retaking his seat, Hodgson leant back in his chair and looked up at the night sky with thinly disguised emotion on his face. It had all been on him and he came through.


"I died a thousand deaths every time they [Poland] crossed the halfway line," Hodgson said later. He also pointed out that it was fitting that Gerrard finally sealed the place in Brazil, having played a "captain's innings" in qualification. His passing, or at least his ball retention, does not match the rest of his game, but there is so much else, not least the power and energy of that late run that left him stretching to toe the ball past Wojciech Szczesny.


It was a monstrously entertaining first half in particular, played out amid a call and response atmosphere set up by the 18,000 strong Polish following. "We're Poland and we're playing at home," they sang. They booed the England periods of possession and the chi flat iron usually half interested Wembley crowd responded with indignation and then anger and, suddenly, we had a proper noise under the arch.


Wayne Wholesale Snapbacks Hats Rooney heads England into the lead (PA)


Poland were excellent in those opening stages. They had come to play and Hodgson's team were forced to deal with the best of it. Waldemar Sobota should have scored when the Poles worked the ball out to the left channel but he hit the side netting. It was tense and the England players had to face an onslaught that exceeded all expectations.


For a team that began the night fourth in a very average qualifying group, Poland moved the ball around with remarkable purpose. Never more so than in the 23rd minute when they broke the length of the pitch from an England corner eventually playing Robert Lewandowski into that troublesome left channel where his left foot shot across Joe Hart was just wide of the goalkeeper's far post.


Robert Lewandowski watches his shot just miss the target (Getty)


These were tense times. In midfield, Michael Carrick, picked ahead of Frank Lampard, found himself closed down in those early stages. This being Carrick, he can still pass the ball beautifully through the briefing shifting spaces of a modern game, but he had to be at chi flat iron official website his best to do so.


Yet for all Poland's pressure, England eventually found the confidence and courage to play like a team. When they got the ball to Andros Townsend on the right, he never wasted it and always threatened. He committed defenders and got shots away. He looks the part.


The Polish fans added to an intense evening of football (AP)


In a two minute spell before the half hour, Townsend beat two opponents down the right and fed Daniel Sturridge who spent too long trying to get the ball out from underneath his feet to shoot rather than lay it back to Gerrard on the edge of the box. Next Townsend cut across the area and hit a shot with his left foot that clipped Szczesny's bar. He strikes the ball so cleanly with either foot you would be hard pressed at times to pick his favoured one.


Welbeck and Sturridge, for all their running and inventiveness, should have scored, especially the Manchester United man when the ball bounced up nicely for him in the area on 31 minutes. Gerrard improvised a fine pass on the run to Sturridge three minutes later but his second touch ran away from him. Szczesny saved from Rooney.


Andros Townsend's curling effort clattered against the bar (Getty)


And then the breakthrough. An attack that started on the right, was switched left by Carrick to Leighton Baines another very fine game from him who picked out Rooney for a glancing header beyond Szczesny to give England a lead at half time.


There was no sign of the Polish threat being extinguished after half time, in fact they came back into the game more than in the final stage before the break. A minute into the half, Gary Cahill was obliged to throw himself in front of a shot from the substitute Mateus Klich, on at half time, with a good opportunity opening up.


Wayne Rooney kisses the Three Lions in celebration (Getty)


When Robert Lewandowski went through on the hour, it took Joe Hart to spread himself wide and get something on the ball to stop the shot going past him. By 65 minutes, England had completely lost the tempo and the control that they had exerted in the second part of the first half. Poland had made two changes then but Hodgson persisted with his starting XI. They looked tired.


It was Lampard who eventually came on in place of Carrick with less than 20 minutes to play, Cheap Snapbacks Hats by which time England looked ragged. They were struggling to keep possession of the ball and the longer they were without it, the more they tired in pursuit of it.


Steven Gerrard seals England's victory with a late goal (PA)


Eventually, Jack Wilshere and then James Milner came on to give England greater energy and then, with two minutes left, Gerrard forced his way through Poland's tiring defence. The ball sat up for him and, stretching, he poked it past Szczesny. The job had been done and, in fairness, to Hodgson's players, a major test of character had been passed.


England (4 2 3 1): Hart; Smalling, Cahill, Jagielka, Baines; Gerrard, Carrick (Lampard 71); Townsend (Milner 86), Rooney, Welbeck; Sturridge (Wilshere 82).


Poland (4 2 3 1): Szczesny; Celeban, Jedrzejczyk, Glik, Wojtkowiak; M Lewandowski (Klich ht), Krychowiak; Blaszczykowski, Mierzejewski (Zielinski 75), Sobota (Peszko 64); R Lewandowski.

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Why the New Ken Burns Documentary on the 2015-Mar-25

Why the New Ken Burns Documentary on the Dust Bowl Has Lessons to Teach Us


Climate change and the environment were the forgotten issues of the 2012 election at least, before Superstorm Sandy put them square on the map. was already in the grips of a slow motion ecological disaster. 2012 saw one of the biggest and most severe droughts in American history, with the Corn Belt in particular gripped by withering heat and aridity. economy that could be as much as 1% of GDP.


But while the 2012 drought may have been the worst in a half century, it has nothing on the great Dust Bowl of the 1930s. and led to massive migrations out of farming states in the Midwest. As the master filmmaker Ken Burns shows in his new documentary The Dust Bowl airing on PBS Sunday night and Monday night it a man made disaster that still has lessons for us today. (The 4 hour documentary will also be available as a DVD check it out


The Dust Bowl is vintage Burns, with the documentarian mixing archival photographs and footage with interviews of elderly Dust Bowl survivors. What stands out is that while the 1930s certainly saw a number of severely dry years, the sheer scale of the Dust Bowl had much more to do with farmer practices than with the weather, as well as the financial catastrophe of the Depression, which reduced demand for crops all after farmers had spent the previous decade and half plowing more and more land. The result was a vicious circle, as Allen Best writes in the Denver Post:


When demand drooped and prices flagged, the new dryland farmers plowed yet more to compensate for reduced revenue. Compounding the problem were the so called suitcase farmers, from Denver and elsewhere, absentee landowners who plowed massive swathes of prairie sod. In these ways, millions and millions of acres of soil were rendered naked.


In the end, 25% of the affected population in the affected southern Great Plains area would flee, an Okie exile that John Steinbeck would describe in The Grapes of Wrath. The Dust Bowl sped the Westward migration of the American population and its urbanization, as ruined farmers fled for the cities. wholesale jerseys china Before the Dust Bowl, nearly 50% of Americans lived in rural areas; today, that figure is closer to 17%. The disaster literally changed the face of the country.


Thankfully, the Dust Bowl also led to changes in how Americans farm, with more emphasis put on soil conservation that has been able to prevent the sort of ceaseless erosion that ruined whole states. The 2012 drought is actually a sign of just how resilient American agriculture has become. Despite one of the driest growing periods in decades, American farmers will actually produce far more corn and other crops this year than they did in a good year as recently as the 1980s. And farm incomes thanks largely to government subsidizes crop insurance could actually hit a record high this year. Unlike during the Dust Bowl, the 2012 drought won see massive numbers of farmers driven off their land though with only 2% of Americans now working in agriculture, there aren many farmers left to be driven off.


It difficult for climate scientists to connect dry years like 2012 to man made climate change. Midwest and West are likely to get even drier, which could imperil the American breadbasket. That something that worries Burns. aren taking climate change seriously, and it has the potential to be so devastating, he says. The Dust Bowl, we can see for ourselves what happens when bad wholesale nfl jerseys china weather is compounded by man made mistakes. Here hoping that we finally learning.


Just watched a marvelous PBS program by Ken Burns. My Storer great grandparents lived in Kansas and Oklahoma during the last big 'dust bowl' era and I have a picture of their 'lonely and rambling' old house surrounded by their barns and other outbuildings on a dirt 'highway'. Some of my Storer ancestors event NFL Jerseys Wholesale ually migrated back to the east but my grandmother had re married in Oklahoma. Eventually, I found my father listed in the 1910 Labette, Kansas censuswith his mother, a half sister and a new husband with the surname of LONG. I willprogram my TV and computer so I'll not forget. Good Work.


Part 1 of this documentary was fascinating dust from one storm made it all the way to Boston! Climate change will change "prevailing" weather patterns. Like those who settled the plains and reaped huge harvests during some good years, that beneficial weather pattern was not the norm. Weather can change radically, and we are affecting that change now. Ironically, the federal government was key to many people surviving this period. Whatever we learned about man made environmental disasters Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale should be heeded now and in the future.

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Crew Alexandra News2015-Mar-25

Crew Alexandra News


The key point isn the length of his contract it whether there is a release clause in chicago-store.com/brandon+marshall+bears+jersey+nike-c-9_31.html it this time. Will Suarez sit quietly if Liverpool don make Champions League? Unlikely. At the very least this guarantees Liverpool.


dark in Suarez signs new contract


I honestly think Suarez will stay. texansofficialproshop.com/Nike-Brian-Hoyer-Jersey.html He adored by the fans, the papers haven said anything but nice things, and as long as he keeps his head on his children and his game, he end this season as the Player of the Year.


thecrossbar in Suarez signs new contract


Now Liverpool must think really serious to build a team around him, a high class play maker, winger and extra striker, besides, hiring an expert marketing manager who can turn Suarez into a TV model, they must keep gaining money if.


mazin in Suarez signs new contract


As uninspiring as our performances have been under Moyes, and as depressing as his signing was, I really hoping the owners are really patient with him. feel bad for Spurs and their fans. They


darth h in AVB sacked by Tottenham


Even as an Arsenal fan, I have to feel a bit sad for Tottenham, but I not surprised at how things turned out for AVB. This was a manager who nearly ran Chelsea down with their superstar squad he nearly finished mid table with.


edwenger in AVB sacked by Tottenham


Though Glenn Hoddle is highly respected at Spurs He not the right person to take on a this squad of players. No one has mentioned this person but I would like to see Roberto Mancini at the lane.


brettsta in AVB sacked by Tottenham


As a WBA fan, i wish Mr Clarke good luck for the future, i have always respected his honesty and drive with the players.


southall in Clarke sacked by West Brom


Anybody who thinks this is a huge shock, a Brian Hoyer Womens Jersey knee jerk reaction, or an outrage obviously hasn been watching West Brom for the last 12 months. Our performances have been www.chicago-store.com/brandon+marshall+bears+jersey+nike-c-9_31.html in steady decline for a long time. We are second bottom of.

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Latendresse encore sans2015-Mar-25

Latendresse encore sans


L'quipe laquelle s'est joint Brandon Saad Womens Jersey le Qubcois, aprs avoir quitt la LNH, a utilis une clause d'exemption pour mettre fin son contrat. C'est ce qu'ont rapport des mdias suisses jeudi.


Aprs l'annonce de la nouvelle, Latendresse a crit sur son compte Twitter qu'il allait prendre le temps Jiri Hudler Premier Jersey de rflchir son avenir et www.blackhawksteamproshop.com/Brent_Seabrook_Jersey dterminer le mieux faire pour sa sant et sa famille.


Le joueur de 26 ans a inscrit 3 buts et 3 aides en 12 matchs durant sa premire saison en Suisse. Dans la LNH, il avait sa fiche 147 points, dont 87 buts,en 341 matchs avec le Canadien de Montral, le Wild du Minnesota et les Snateurs d'Ottawa.


Bonino Anaheim plus longtemps


L'attaquant Nick Bonino a sign une prolongation de contrat de trois saisons avec les Ducks d'Anaheim.


Le joueur de centre de 25 blackhawksteamproshop.com/Patrick_Sharp_Jersey ans en a fait l'annonce mercredi sur son compte Twitter. L'quipe a officialis l'entente jeudi.

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Oakland Raiders live stream2015-Mar-25

Oakland Raiders live stream


The Oakland Raiders have some major injuries on their offense, including their starting quarterback, running back and wide receiver. However, Steve Corkran of the Contra Costa Times reported on Nov. 26 that Darren McFadden is now healthy enough to play, but wholesale jerseys won't start against the Dallas Cowboys this week. Here is how fans can follow the Dallas Cowboys vs. Oakland Raiders live stream of the big Thanksgiving Day game.


Date: Nov. 28


This should come as little surprise to wholesale nfl jerseys most Raiders fans. McFadden has been injured more than not over the past few cheap nfl jerseys years and his cheap jerseys replacement Rashad Jennings is tied with Dallas cheap nfl jerseys Cowboys' running back DeMarco Murray for yards per carry for running backs in the NFL. With Dallas' linebacker corps injured, this could be a huge week for Jennings in the Raiders' running game.


That is the only problem Dallas should have with the Raiders, who will be starting young quarterback Matt McGloin and be missing their best receiver in Denarius Moore. The Cowboys, on the other hand, return with a relatively healthy offense, as Miles Austin is getting back to form and Dez Bryant is playing through a bad back. Regardless, the Cowboys have the fire power to beat the Raiders, but their defense will have to pick things up to keep Oakland from spoiling their Thanksgiving.

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